Saturday, January 10, 2009


This week I spent $328.24 and saved $416.14, that's a 58% savings. I purchased 138 items (mostly stock up items) including: Tide HE detergent for eight months, Cascade for 12 months, Pampers wipes for six months, Pampers diapers for two months, Prilosec for six months, Oral B toothbrushes for 12 months, 15 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks, Dasani water 24 packs (12 packs for $30), 7 boxes of Mr Clean Erasers, 12 boxes of Kleenex tissue, 24 cups of Yoplait yogurt (you can freeze these if you want to buy a lot when they are on sale but your family won't go through all of them before they expire), Secret deodorant for 24 months (went a little crazy here and will probably give some away depending on how long they last), Gillette razors for 24 months, 10 boxes of FiberOne cereal bars, and other items including orange juice, dental floss, and eye drops.

I have been couponing for three months and am now doing most of my weekly shopping out of my pantry.

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